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Founded by Camille Fleming in 2015, CFStudios is now a costume team run jointly by Camille and Aleksander Savidge after Aleks’ joining in 2016. We can design ourselves but have the most fun doing costume commissions or reference-based commissions, and we are always open to giving commission quotes or discussing convention appearances. We have over twelve years of costuming experience, and have worked in the field as professional employees and self-employed freelancers. Let us help you bring your concepts to life!

We have a work history including League of Legends / Riot Games, The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Street, the E3 Conference, Legendary, and countless private clients. We'd love to make your event magical, or fabricate a custom showpiece for you!

While there is always an element of variation and collaboration, here is a basic rundown of who is responsible for what during the creative process:


Camille is in charge of fabrication and design; she directs the company’s sculpting, foamwork, armor, paintjobs, furring, and finishing, as well as electronics, mechanics, animatronics, and engineering needs. She is also our primary model and creature suit performer.


Aleks is in charge of sewing and public relations; he directs the company’s sewing, tailoring, traditional costuming, social media, and suit handling needs, as well as being the primary provider for convention inventory such as plushies, patches, paws, and tails. He is also the primary video and photo editor, excepting professional photo or video shoots (which will be credited to the artist in question.)

Poe is in charge of project approval, customer service, fruit eating duties, task inspection, chaos, and mayhem. He is also a toucan.


We would like to thank Allison Little for our logo design, and Cozza Concepts, Cruellababy Photograhy, MGNorris Photography, Dweeb Photos, and countless patient friends for the contents of our photo galleries. 

We would like to thank Greg Feiler for teaching, Louis Mitchell for inspiring, and our family and friends for their love and support. 

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