We are on Pacific Time. Our normal business hours are anywhere from 9AM - 8PM PT.

Conventions & Scheduled Appearances:

  • BLFC 2020 - dealers


Commission Status:

CLOSED for new orders. We do not have a projected reopening date but it will likely be end of 2020 / beginning of 2021.

CLOSED for custom fullsuits. 

CLOSED for custom partials. 

We do not normally take custom single piece orders (just a tail, just hands, just a head, etc) without them being part of a larger order. 

Quotes are always open!

     2020 Commission Queue:

  • Raven fullsuit for Lily Q3 2020

  • Silverbeak fullsuit for Alice Q3 2020

  • Worgen armor for Nashia Q4 2020

  • Pancan fullsuit for Adragos Q4 2020

  • Jaguar fullsuit for S Q4 2020

  • Coyote head for Dani Q4 2020

  • Cat head for Ember Q4 2020

  • Pirate costume for Avery Q4 2020

    2021 Commission Queue:


  • Possum fullsuit for Violet Q1 2021

  • SlugPuppy fullsuit for Buublgum Q1 2021

  • Dolphin fullsuit for Molly Q1 2021

Price Guide: all general. Please always submit a quote to get a hard number, as each project varies vastly. Click the "General Price Guide" subpage to view!

FAQ & Info: Use this guide to familiarize yourself with our jargon and commission process!


Commission TOS: must read and agree with before approaching us for a commission. Click the "Terms of Service" subpage to view!






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