Fursuits / Mascots: 


Heads can be sprayed on the inside and outside with antibacterial Febreeze (or other scented disinfectant spray). Standard toony eyes are sprayed to be water resistant, but care should be taken to never completely soak or submerge them; as such, it is recommended to cover the inside and outside of the eyes with something (like a bit of rolled up tissue) to help protect them from disinfectant spray. 

In case of stains, a gentle detergent can be applied with a washcloth or soft brush and rinsed with COLD water. To dry, remove excess water with a dry towel and place the head in front of a fan (with NO heat.) Be sure to check on the head periodically to brush it and ensure the fur doesn't dry in a strange direction; it won't damage it permanently if it does, it will just need to be wet and brushed out again. 

Extreme heat (such as a hairdryer,) total water submersion (such as being put in a pool or washing machine,) and smoking can ruin a head!

Feet, tails, and small wings:

Feet, tails, and small wings should be given the same treatment as our heads, except for the fact that they don't have portions that need to be protected from water (like the eyes on our heads do.) We still would not recommend fully submerging any of these items, however. 

It may be noteworthy that most tails can be submerged, but due to the stuffing it can take them too long to dry out unless your machine has thorough spin cycles. If a customer feels their tail needs to be washed, however, it can be washed in the same manner as our bodysuits, as listed below. 

Bodysuits and hands:

CFStudios bodysuits are specifically engineered to be machine washable, so except in extremely rare scenarios (and we will let you know if this is the case) your bodysuit can be put in a washing machine, However, it is very important to follow the steps below to avoid damaging your suit!

To wash your bodysuit, first ensure that all of the pieces are removed from it. This includes velcro digitigrade padding, feet, hands, head, and wings or tail if applicable. If the tail is sewn on, it is recommended that the commissioner remove the stuffing inside of it, but it is ultimately optional. Tail cores, however, must always be removed before washing if you have one.

After all pieces have been removed, pour in some gentle detergent; be sure to use something that works with synthetic fabrics, not natural fibers. If you are washing your bodysuit, turn your bodysuit inside out and zip it up. You can put your bodysuit and digitigrade pillows in the washer. If you want to wash your paws, you can put them in the washer too (in a delicates bag or pillowcase if they have vinyl, lenticular, or holographic material.) Finally, if you have a separate tail and want to put it in the washer you absolutely can, but we don't recommend doing it often since you can't turn it inside out to protect the fur fibers and the tail will eventually begin to thin out after too many washes.

Once the parts you want to wash are in the washer, set your washer to a COLD ONLY cycle on delicate / gentle. It is very important that no heat be used. Once the washer cycle finishes, you may want to add a second or even third spin cycle to help squeeze water out of large padding pillows or long-furred suits. 

This next part is very important: your suit and pillows can be put in most dryers, but only on a NO HEAT / AIR ONLY cycle. If your dryer does not have a no heat cycle, DO NOT put your suit in the dryer! Hands with vinyl, lenticular, or holographic should remain in their delicates bag / pillowcase if they are going into the dryer.

After your pieces have been washed, remove excess water with a towel and hang up to dry. Brush them out gently and place them in front of a fan if needed; make sure to check on them periodically and continue to gently brush them out to make sure the fur doesn't dry in crinkles or a weird direction. 

Armor Foam:

Armor Foam that comes in contact with the body (like the inside of a gauntlet, for example) can be sprayed down with antibacterial Febreeze or another scented disinfectant spray. We also recommend storing armor with dryer sheets inside the pieces to keep them smelling fresh, and to help soak up excess moisture from the spray. 

Our Armor Foam is fairly tough and resistant, but still has its limitations. While flexible, care should be taken not to bend it too far in the wrong direction; doing so will result in wrinkles on the surface of the foam that DO NOT COME OUT. Tips like spikes and points are especially susceptible to being bent.

Additionally, extreme heat and cold can warp your pieces and should be avoided. Being stored under heavy things can also warp pieces and is inadvisable. 

Finally, our Armor Foam squeaks, and this sound is caused by two pieces rubbing up against each other. We do our best to control the squeaking with lining, but some of it is unavoidable and customers should be prepared to expect it. 

Fantasy Costumes / Creature Suits:

Unfortunately traditional costumes vary far too much from project to project and, due to the wide variety of materials they may include, We will have to inform you on a case by case basis of how to care for your traditional costume. Sorry for the inconvenience!