Mint Husky
A pair of canine paws and a curly husky tail!
Long Tail
Fox or canine, a very flexible tail and a matching pair of lenticular toony paws.
Rainbow Nub
A small nub tail made of rainbow fur, with matching glitter vinyl paws.
Toony Vs. Canine
Difference between our toony and canine style paw pads.
Honey/Burgundy Paws
Burgundy minky paw pads with honey fur, on our canine style paws.
Golden Paws
White fur paws with golden spandex pads, canine style.
A few orders from our Etsy store! Toony and canine, one with cute silver paw pads!
Legend Hooves
We offer both 3 and 4 finger hoof hands. These are made with extra long pile fur and glitter vinyl hooves and dew claws for Legend the Unicorn.
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Examples of tails and paws previously sold as commissions or at conventions, Paws can be ordered on our Etsy store,

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