Prices vary by project so always send an email to for a hard quote and estimated wait time!

Alternatively you can submit a Quote Form and we will get back to you with an email!

Our prices sometimes change, but will not affect customers who have already signed contracts with us and started the commissioning process. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or customs.  

Please don't forget to check our FAQ before contacting us!

Please remember that all orders are subject to an additional 5% sales tax.

What CFStudios does NOT do:

  • We do not work in any style outside of our own, regardless of budget; we are happy to bring unique and interesting character designs to life, but we do so through our own creative lens. That being said, no two costumes will be identical and we take great care to ensure the final product is inspired by the reference material provided! We don't make realistic or kemono costumes. 

  • We do not take custom orders for or give quotes for just a tail, just hands, or just feet. If you think you may want additional pieces in the future we highly recommend saving up and purchasing them at the same time; while we do our best to accommodate return clients, we rarely have time for small orders (ex: "I ordered a head-only a while back and would like to add hands and a tail") as most of our time goes into fullsuits. 

  • We don't make halfsuits, 3/4 suits, custom legs, or custom fur "shirts." You can get a bodysuit, arm sleeves, indoor digi boots, or a fullsuit. Check our FAQ for more info. 

  • We do not make costumes designed for explicit adult scenarios or costumes that are sexual in nature.

  • We only do resin underskulls with moving jaws on bird beaks, and will no longer be offering resin underskulls / moving jaws on heads without beaks. 

  • We do not make unpadded straight leg "plantigrade" bodysuits - bodysuits based on plantigrade animals (such as a red panda, for example) will still have leg padding, just not in a digitigrade distribution. We normally make digitigrade bodysuits.

  • With the exception of small, hard to find scraps of rare fur colors, we will not use materials sent in by the customer. We do not have an option to send your own fur to lower a costume's price.

  • With the exception of clients needing repairs done on something purchased directly from us, we rarely have time for alterations on second-hand CFS costumes because most of our time goes toward commissions; it doesn't hurt to ask but we will usually recommend outsourcing these requests. We do not do refurbs, alterations, repairs, or modifications on costumes we didn't make.

  • We will not reproduce someone else's personal one of a kind costume, reproduce any of the costumes in our galleries, or work in the style of another artist. None of the costumes in our photo galleries are for sale; they already have homes and are often custom made for the client. We cannot tell you how much a costume was due to client privacy.

  • We currently do not airbrush, dye, or produce our own fake fur, so order colors will be limited to the dyelots available to us for purchase. We cannot replicate fades or ombres for this reason.

  • We do not work with hair or wigs on mascots or fursuits outside of hair tufts or manes. 

  • We no longer use pre-fabricated or outsourced resin, silicone, or foam pieces on fursuits, including but not limited to claws, noses, teeth, tongues, pawpads, etc; while we do use DVC underskulls for their moving jaws, we make sure to alter the sculpt so you're still getting our style of work. Likewise, we do not sell or take custom orders for unfinished pieces to be used in construction, such as headbases, beaks, etc, to be finished by someone else.   

  • Our fabricator has epilepsy and experiences difficulty working with LEDs and other forms of costume lighting due to her deteriorating condition. As such, we will not be quoting or accepting projects with lighting for the time being, and any we do accept will most likely be high-budget creature suits or props. We will usually not include LEDs in fursuit commissions since they don't work with our eyes and we don't use resin pieces.

  • We currently do not offer nipples or muscle padding on fursuits / mascot costumes as we find it a little too realistic for our style, and will typically only do muscle padding when necessary for film work or corporate orders. 



We will always match markings, colors, etc to the best of our ability, but prefer to be allowed to work within our own style and be given a small amount of artistic freedom with sculpting. Please let us know if you need us to match the reference as perfectly as possible (this mostly applies to cosplays.) Any fursuit or fursuit-like / mascot-like character commissioned from us at this time must be in a toony style; we are currently uninterested in creating realistic suits and prefer them to be unrealistic or exaggerated in some way. 


Start at $3850 (average quote $4800-$5200 after markings and add-ons) Our heads, feet, and bodies are 100% custom sculpts. Every person is different, so every suit is different! This price covers a simple design with a standard head, standard handpaws, a zip-off tail with belt loops for partialing, outdoor zip-off feet, standard digitigrade or padded plantigrade bodysuit with sewn in leg padding, a CFS tote bag with care instructions and a brush to help you care for your suit, and a CFS suiter badge. This saves you $150 rather than getting all of the pieces separately! Price goes up with complexity or add-ons. To see what comes standard with each piece of a fullsuit, please see the Pieces section below. DTD, hand tracing, US shoe size, and head measurements required.


Start at $1800 (average quote $2000-$2600 after markings and add-ons) This covers a simple design with a standard head, standard handpaws, a standard tail, and a CFS care bag. Price goes up with complexity or add-ons. Accurate measurements and hand tracing required.


Start at $4550 This covers a simple Pancan design with a standard bodysuit, padded plantigrade legs with sewn in padding, a sewn on XL floor dragging red panda tail, attached arm wings, lined puffy paws with minky Pancan pawpads, zip-off outdoor feet, a removable chest puff with a hidden pocket, a toony head with following eyes, a big Armor Foam beak, and a moving jaw built off a resin DVC underskull. You also get a CFS suiter badge and a CFS tote bag with care instructions and a brush to help you care for your suit. Price goes up with complexity or add-ons; the red panda tail can be substituted for a minky toucan tail at the same price. DTD, hand tracing, US shoe size, and head measurements required.



Start at $1450 (average quote $1600-$1850 after markings and add-ons) Our heads are 100% custom sculpted every time- each sculpt is as unique as your character! Standard heads include a simple toony design made of foam with following eyes, minky nose, tongue, fleece teeth, and a static jaw. All of our heads and necks are lined with cooling lycra and fleece to seal in the raw foam. Mouths are lined with black. MOST tongues come standard attached with velcro so they're adjustable; we generally don't do this with beaked animals unless requested (or anything else that wouldn't stick its tongue out.) Price goes up with complexity or add-ons. Accurate measurements required. We cannot guarantee that glasses will fit under a head unless you send us a pair to work off of; the best we can do is make a bit roomier. We do not use silicone or resin noses, tongues, or teeth / jawsets on fursuits. ​

Armored heads / Skull-faced Heads:

Start at $1700

Similar to our Blackfrost Anivia, Death Blossom Kha'zix, or LeftRight heads, these heads have faces made from our coated Armor Foam that can mimic anything from bone to metal. Covers a skull-face, or armored design built off a DVC resin base with a moving jaw and a simple design with one color in armor, two colors in fur, light up DVC eyes, and a fleece or minky tongue. Price goes up with complexity of sculpt, complexity of paint job, additional colors, or add-ons. Accurate measurements required. We cannot guarantee that glasses will fit under a head unless you have small glasses or send us a pair to work off of.



Start at $2350

This covers a simple design with finished edges, hidden front body zipper, serged seams, a hidden spandex pocket accessible from the neck, sewn in digitigrade or padded plantigrade padding, zip-off tail with belt loops for partialing, and attached zip-off feet. Price goes up with design complexity, tail size / complexity, or add-ons. DTD required.



Adjustable eyelids:

+$50 per pair of eyes. We can create a set of eyelids that attaches over the eye and under the brow with velcro for a variety of expressions! They're convenient and can be adapted to eyelids from other makers at any point.


Start at $250

This covers a simple design with lined insides and an elastic connecting strap. Price goes up with complexity or add-ons. Paws can be sewn on for an additional $25 + price of paws, or attached with hidden zippers for an additional $50 + price of paws. Accurate measurements required.


Claws / dewclaws:

+$50 per set. This means that hand and feet claws together would be $100. This price includes one-color claws, and applies to claws on four-fingered handpaws as well as sets of two dewclaws on hands or feet. We will make minky claws unless otherwise specified. We can also make vinyl or spandex claws for +$50. We no longer offer resin claws. 

Chest puff:

+$150. These are a separate stuffed piece that can be seen on our Pancan suits - selecting this add-on is not necessary if you just want a fluffy chest. 


+$300. We use a resin base from DVC and heavily modify it to fit your character and our style, adding an Armor Foam beak. Beaked heads have resin underskulls, moving jaws, and shiny beaks that are stiff but soft; they are made of a rubberized LARP-grade foam that is painted to match your reference and coated to be waterproof. Your head sculpt will still look like a CFStudios head rather than retaining the anatomy of the underskull sculpt; the underskull is just used as a support structure for the beak. 



+$50 per set of simple minky horns. Can be upgraded to vinyl for an additional $50. Can be upgraded to removeable magnetic horns, IF horn design is large enough, $150. We no longer offer resin horns.

Indoor digi boots: 

+$375 for a plush, lined pair of indoor feet paws with minky paw pads. +$50 for claws.

+$325 for a plush, lined pair of indoor hoof boots with vinyl hooves. +$50 for dewclaws. 

These feet are made on a pattern and the sculpt is not customizeable. These are intended as an option to wear with partials and are not compatible with our fullsuits; bodysuits or fullsuits will still require custom sculpted outdoor feet. Price can go up depending on marking complexity. 

Indoor feet for fullsuits: 

+$400 for a plush indoor version of the outdoor feet that will be sculpted to go with your bodysuit or fullsuit order. These are an exact copy of the outdoor feet that will be custom sculpted and patterned for your order, and can be used with your fullsuit or bodysuit via separating zippers. Custom indoor feet cannot replace outdoor feet in an order due to construction reasons (meaning if you choose this add-on you will receive two pairs of feet with your order) but they will be interchangeable with your included outdoor feet. We cannot make custom indoor feet without a bodysuit or fullsuit order. Price can go up depending on marking and sculpt complexity. 


+$50-$150+ depending on complexity / size / area covered. This generally applies to a stuffed neck / stuffed head areas with long or extra long fur, but can extend down the back / chest as well. We generally don't charge for things like a fluffy chest, so selecting "mane" for that is not necessary. Please keep in mind that we use long pile fur for this, not wigs or wefted hair. 

Use vinyl:

+$50 for vinyl (glitter, pleather, shiny, metallic, or matte) being used on claws, hooves, horns, pawpads, etc. This applies to all areas where vinyl might be used, except teeth which will remain fleece, unless very large or simple. 


+$250 for two small wings made of minky and fur, sewn onto a bodysuit (MUST be under two feet.) The same wings in a backpack style with elastic straps (for partials, etc, not compatible with bodysuits) are $300. We are currently not offering large or moving wings. Price increases based on complexity. 

​+$400 for pancan-style armwings made of minky. This covers two colors. Stuffed primaries, appliqued feather separation, interfacing, and wings sewn into the arms. Price increases based on complexity.

+$700 for large armwings made of minky that are just off the floor when at rest. Includes a slit for dowel rods to be inserted, allowing the wings to be grasped with the fingers and spread out. Wings will hang when at rest and do not stand on their own. Covers two colors. Stuffed primaries, appliqued feather separation, interfacing, and wings sewn into the arms with optional wrist escapes depending on design. Price increases based on complexity.

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