Prices vary by project so we recommend filling out a Quote Form for a more accurate estimate!

Our prices sometimes change, but will not affect customers who have already signed contracts with us and started the commissioning process. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or customs.  

Please don't forget to check our FAQ before contacting us!

What CFStudios does NOT do:

  • We do not work in any style outside of our own, regardless of budget; please check our costume gallery to see what our style and costume components look like. If you want realistic anatomical features (such as muscle padding, nipples, etc) we are not a good artist fit for you. Please do not send us messages asking about style ("do you make realistic / kemono / etc")

  • The project types listed below are the only types we are taking orders for; please do not send us messages about project types not listed (such as halfsuits, just a tail, etc)

  • We do not make costumes designed for explicit adult scenarios or costumes that are sexual in nature.

  • We no longer do resin heads or moving jaws, and are no longer using Armor Foam for beaks due to long term durability and ease of care; we now use neoprene or vinyl instead.

  • We do not do skin tight / straight leg bodysuits, and are specifically known for our round, toony shapes; if you're looking for a slim or muscular bodysuit, we are not the artists for you!

  • We do not use materials sent in by the client, and do not have an option to send your own fur to lower a costume's price.

  • We do not work with hair or wigs on mascots or fursuits outside of hair tufts or manes. 

  • We prefer to use our own patterns and pieces, and do not take commissions on other artists' patterns, bases, or with resin or silicone noses, jawsets, claws, tongues, etc and will instead make our own plush versions.

  • We do not currently incorporate electronics into fursuits / mascot costumes (fans, LEDs, soundboards, etc)


HEAD - $1500+

PARTIAL - $2250+ Includes head, hands, and tail.

BODYSUIT - $3750+ Includes leg padding and feet; we don't make unpadded bodysuits or bodysuits without feet.

FULLSUIT - $5500+ Includes head, hands, feet, tail, and bodysuit.


  • Complex / Asymmetrical Markings

  • Velcro Eyelids

  • Armsleeves

  • Claws/Dewclaws

  • Chest Puff

  • Horns/Antlers

  • Indoor Digitigrade Boots*

  • Fullsuit-Compatible Indoor Feet

  • Mane / Mohawk

  • Wings (small back wings or any size arm wings)

  • Extra-Large Tail

  • Spikes, Fins, and other sewn on accents

*Restricted by available patterns; custom sculpted feet must be part of a fullsuit /

We will always match markings, colors, etc to the best of our ability, but must be allowed to work within our own toony style and be given a small amount of artistic license with design interpretation.

Our heads, feet, and bodies are 100% custom sculpts. Every person is different, so every suit is different!

Standard heads include a simple toony design made of foam with following eyes, minky nose, Velcro-mounted minky tongue, fleece teeth, and a static jaw. All of our heads and necks are lined with cooling lycra and reinforced with fleece to seal in the raw foam.

Our bodysuits have finished edges, hidden front body zipper, serged seams, a hidden spandex pocket accessible from the neck, sewn in digitigrade or padded plantigrade padding, zip-off tail with belt loops for partialing, and attached zip-off feet. If you want smooth, seamless shapes, you've come to the right place!

We love working with a variety of designs, species, and concepts, and have many add-ons available to further customize your project proposal.

All suits come with a CFS care package, which includes stickers, business cards, a fur brush, a lanyard, fur swatches, and a care guide.

Prices are in USD and include sales tax but do NOT include shipping. Some add-ons may raise the base price depending on the design in question.