Highland Cow Minotaur
Our Highland Cow Minotaur! An artist designed partial completed in November of 2019. Cool armor pieces, an axe, indoor feet with vinyl hooves, and braided fur!
Parasaurolophus Partial
Say hello to our Parasaurolophus! 🦕 Originally designed by peacefultyranny, we turned it into a partial for sale Anthro Northwest! Gold spandex fingers, a big crest, and a huge tail! Follow the new owner LowkeyOni (Twitter)! ✨
Holiday Clydesdale
Meet our cute holiday horse we sold at AnthrovNorthwest! He comes with cute hooved feet and hands, sewn horseshoes, tied ribbon tail, and a decorated bridle! 🐴
caboodle collage
Meet Caboodle! He's an artistic liberty draft horse unicorn, we had so much fun designing him! He features asymmetrical swirling galaxy markings, holographic vinyl hooves and horn, a floor dragging tail, and NFT mane and tail tip! Caboodle was a commission finished September 2019.
Mee Juko! He's the first traditional gryphon we've ever done- eagle & lion! He features cute minky back wings, vinyl claws, & a resin DvC underskull. He was a commission completed in September 2019.
Dharma is a rose doe premade finished and sold in July 2019. She features cute short furs, minky hooves, and detailed handsewn rose markings!
Rum is kind of nervous, please give her a warm welcome!🦉Featuring a DvC underskull, minky hooves & antlers, cute wings, & some lovely furs from HowlFabric.
Lox Chum Salmon
Meet Lox, the chum salmon! He was originally designed by scpkidd and was turned into a partial with a cool articulated tail. Shout out to DragonSoupArt for doing the armature for us!

He features claws puffy paws, flat 2D eyes, magnetic glasses by FuzzButtFursuits, feetpaws on the Matrices pattern, detailed armsleeves, and a his big ol' tail!
Avery Red Panda
Avery is a red panda commission, completed March of 2019. She's our first plantigrade padded fullsuit and has sewn in padding, a floor dragger tail, five fingered hands and feet, and tons of cute teddy furs!

Thank you to @RoothDragon for the lower pictures, featuring SixthLeafClover's Alice suit!
Erras the Eastern Dragon
Erras the Eastern Dragon was made for and sold at BLFC 2019. She features cute minky scutes, antlers, a floor dragger tail, and removable armor!
Toucan/Tiger Gryphon
Made as a BLFC 2019 premade, sold at con. He features a double tail, an underskull from DVC, eyes from Wolfbird, adjustable eyelids, feet on the Matrices pattern, and SUPER COOL holographic claws!
Dezi Chupacabra Goat
This design was bought as an adoptable slot back in 2017, and was completed as a commission in March 2019. Originally designed by Vani, Dezi features a cool mouth belly, glitter vinyl horns, hooves, and belly teeth, blue metallic spandex accents and accessories, a floor dragger tail, cute minky bat wings, ear guages, sparkly NFT hair, and THREE eyes!
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