Chrono Cross Lynx
Head and hands made by Kazul G Fox, Chrono Cross Lynx is a custom fit traditional costume and prop set. Made of pleather, includes a full garment with hand cut bias, a hat to fit on the fursuit head, cape, and separating foam scyhe.
Acorn and Bramble Fauns
Acorn and Bramble are two faun siblings, always ready for adventure!

Examples of our complex faun set commissions.
Display of our armor quality- lightweight, weathered, and looks like real metal!
A costume from How To Train Your Dragon II, Hiccup features a few hundred indidvidually cut out pleather scales as well as detailed hand-stitching on the pants.
Gaius (commission)
A commission of Gaius from Fire Emblem: Awakening, this costume features functional pockets and is comfortable despite its many layers.
Rhys (commission)
A commission of Rhys' vest from Borderlands.
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